Anonymous Ask:

Time to move to California

Wish I could, Germany sucks for the most part.

I miss California

(and also New Jersey)

The weather.
The beaches.
In ‘N Out.
The American people.
(two points which my friends in America will probably never understand. They kept laughing at me somehow when I said I thought Americans were really nice?! And they also thought Walmarts werent fascinating? HOW?!)

alexalessthan Ask:

dear chantal, i think your name is really cool. It sounds like Beyonce's name if her name wasn't Beyonce. Also, people are congratulating you. Congrats!

Dear Alexa, this is definitely one of my favorite messages that I got today, THANK YOUU 😊😆

idiopathologic Ask:

Congrats Chantal! You deserve 4,000 more, you sweetheart you.

Thank you Brooke, you are so kind 😊

little-paramonster Ask:

Congrats on 4k. You deserve it!!! :D

Thank you Sam 💛

Anonymous Ask:

You're my favorite.

And YOU are my favorite.
Hope you’re having a lovely day. :3