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hey are you okay? I hope you're fine but if you're not, that's okay. I'm sure you'll have the courage and motivation to get up again soon but if you don't feel like it right now, that's cool. Screw everything. :] Maybe you're feeling frustrated right now but I hope you won't blame yourself for any mess that's happened. You're very talented, I'm sure everything will be okay. (PS. I adore you Chantal) -SS

Thank you for being so sweet.
I dont think I ever felt like giving up before, I usually fight for what I want to do but it just seems so useless to keep trying after what has happened today.

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You ok, Hun?


What do you do if the dream you had is ruined and you have no idea how to continue and just never want to get up again?
I’m devastated.


Some people in the fandom feel like they aren’t connected with the community so here’s what I’m gonna do: for anyone who wants to participate I’ll be writing down your URLs and once every 2 weeks (this might change depending on how this goes) I’ll randomly pair you up with someone different. I’ll…

Love this idea!